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 If you look at the life of any great individual, you will find a number of stories documenting what we call « defining moments ». The greater the individual, the more defining moments they have. Very few times in life,  do we have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the world.

Our Vision

At Blessed Hoops, we help prepare our youth for the defining moments in their lives.  We use basketball and education to engage young minds, as we know that the core principles of dedication, discipline and teamwork are skills that need to be transferred into life on the court.  We provide a service for all levels, from beginners to advanced level players, with training in both individual skills and dynamic team environments.  The basketball court is our classroom in which we develop our youth to become tomorrow’s leading pioneers. Learn More

About Us

Education, Mentorship & Experience

Every player has a different story, skillset and dream, subsequently; our training programs are flexible and designed to serve all levels of play.  We welcome the beginner who wants to experience the world while playing a sport they enjoy, and we have services and resources for the player who may want to pursue an opportunity to play in high school, prep school, junior college and/or at the University level in the United States.  Our summer camps are highly competitive and allow players to get first hand experience of American basketball life and culture.

More than Basketball

Across our programs, we emphasize the importance of being an engaged and contributing member of the community and society. We provide a diverse offering of leadership activities to ensure that our young people have the confidence and problem-solving capabilities to navigate through life.

Blessed Hoops Mission

Create life changing world experiences for basketball players of all levels.

Build a family, community and culture of excellence.

Provide training to help youth succeed in today’s world with an emphasis on discipline, dedication and unity/team dynamics.

Help players develop their individual basketball, academic and life skills.

Provide opportunities for players to get the exposure needed to achieve their dreams of playing and continuing their studies at higher levels. 

We are dedicated towards helping the young players that have made a commitment to basketball.  We help increase their playing level, understanding of the game and exposure by organising training camps and showcases for players between 15 and 22 years old.

Blessed Hoops New York Summer Camps

Blessed Hoops Summer Camp is quickly becoming our most exciting and prestigious event during the year.  We take players from around the world to compete in New York’s highly competitive summer league circuit.  This accomplishes a number of beneficial things at once.  Firstly our players gain the experience of competing against the top players in their respective classes.  Also they are trained by top College and University coaches giving them an insight into the kind of training it takes to reach an elite level as an athlete.  While these things are fantastic the biggest benefit is the exposure they get by playing in front of well connected scouts that can open doors for them to attend a US high school or College.

An additional bonus to this camp is being privy to playing on the most legendary courts in the world.  Rucker Park, Dyckman and Gauchos are a few of the legendary courts that we have graced in our first two summer camps.

We understand the importance of education in the process of becoming a student athlete in any field, and this is no different in the world of basketball.  We get our players acclimated to the life of a student-athlete in many subtle ways.  One such way is by having our summer camp attendees stay at a college campus for the duration of the trip.  This is not only a very safe environment but also is perfect for the players to experience a taste of life on campus.  Currently we have built a relationship with Manhattan College in the Bronx NY.  During our 2018 and 2019 camps this was our place of residence.

Our players are coached by highly knowledgeable and accomplished high school, University and professional coaches.

We have also been privileged enough to be invited to watch New York’s Top 40 high school players, this is part of their summer circuit and is know as a tournament called NY vs NY.   During this event our players are able see the best players in the state of New York compete.  We have also had some of our top players be invited to participate as a guest of honor in the tournament.  This event is attended by many NBA players, coaches and agents, in our past visit our players were thrilled to see the NBA MVP Giannis Antentakumpo make a guest appearance, for many of our players this experience alone was a moment they will remember for a lifetime.

Blessed Hoops is a team of passionate individuals who have a common goal of helping dedicated players gain the natural rewards of their hard work.  We also are a group of propels that have experienced many of the goals the next generation are striving for.  Our doors are also open to other accomplished professionals and ex-professionals who have valuable advice and guidance that will help our players on their journey.

Blessed Hoops London Camps

We have partnered with West Thames Academy in West London who is currently our main source for UK talent.  We are planning to host our first London based exposure tournament in December 2020.  .

Blessed Hoops Switzerland Camps

We have partnered with BBC Gland  and organized our first ever Blessed hoops camp in Switzerland from the 3rd until the 9th of august 2020.  This camp was a great success as 90 players came from the age of 9 to 20 from all over Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweeden France and Germany. We had the privilege to have great coaches amongst us who have all earned full scolarships in their playing career in the U.S.A. The games have been filmed and are now on our youtube channel (blessed hoops). This is a major step in our development as an organisation since our scope for player recruitment is vastly improved by having “game tape” on our players.  This allows players and Blessed Hoops to  increase their exposure and opportunities with the help of technology and our network of associates.



Our first Blessed Hoops showcase was in Dakar, Senegal where we invited  65 players to perform in front of College and High school scouts. We are planning on hosting other showcases this year in London, UK and Geneva, Switzerland. Games at all our showcases will be filmed and shared online. 

Our Second Blessed Hoops Showcase was in Gland, Haiti where 70 player were invited to perform. The games are on our Youtube channel. 

Our third Blessed Hoops Showcase was in Pétion Ville, Haiti where 70 players were invited to perform.  

Blessed Hoops Programs in NYC





Rucker Park

The world famous Rucker Park in Harlem, 55th street gave Blessed Hoops a huge blessing by allowing us to lace ‘em up and grace the legendary court. The opportunity and the experience gained is priceless.      

Positive Influence

Samuel N Bennerson Playground From the grassroots level and up Positive Influence lives up to its name in every aspect. Playing in the positive influence tournament was a privilege, and being in the culture and atmosphere that was created by the tournament was an...


Mott Haven Bronx Thank you @nycgauchos for having us play on the legendary old madison square garden floor ! A place where legends such as Stephon Marbury, Kemba Walker, Chris Mullin and Jamal Mashburn were made. The New York Gauchos, an AAU basketball program...

Westchester Community College

Intech Academy Thank you Sean Kelly, Head Coach of Westchester Community College for the great workout. Sean Kelly gave Blessed Hoops another perspective on the community college game. His workout was a great balance of high intensity and competitive drills.  ...

Slattery Playground

The proving grounds, slattery playground, one of the most intense environments in New York City, every bucket was earned and every possession was a display of passion, desire and love of the game.

Riverbank State Park

Workout with Blessed hoops coach from New York Jackie Knowles. The legend that is Jackie Knowles put the Blessed Hoops players through and intense workout that put an emphasis on the importance of stamina, heart and a will to win.

Marble Hill

Game vs. Swish Academy at the Marble Hills playground in the Bronx, New York. The amazing thing that Marble Hill showed us was that you can get a high level pick up game almost anywhere in New York whether it be open gym or just in the park.      

Justice Sotomayor Community Center

Giving back to the Archers program, sharing with the youth.

Dyckman Park

The Dyckman Basketball tournament is the premier summer streetball tournaments in New York City. It is located in Monsignor Kett Playground a.k.a. Dyckman Park in Washington Heights/Inwood section of Manhattan. Founded in 1990 by Kenneth Stevens the Dyckman...

Bronx Community College

Thank you Lamont Watson, Assistant coach of Bronx Community College for the workout. This was an opportunity for the UK and Swiss players to get a feel for the community college environment.
  • “I wanna say thank you very much for giving me this opportunity, especially being 21, and coming along with you guys! You both looked after me whilst I was there, making sure I did what I needed to do, keeping me focussed. I am honoured, being the first member of Blessed Hoops to get a scholarship but I know with this program, many more are going to follow in my footsteps, especially when your connections continue to grow every year! You both believed in me fully and I truly appreciate it, helping me get through this longgg application process and staying on my case”e.

  • Matthew allman, London, United Kingdom

  • “I wanted to thank you again for the great camp you did everything you could to make it an unforgettable experience and it really was. And I really appreciate you doing so much for me🙏🏽I feel like the camp was very successful and it was so lit💯🙌🏽”e.

  • Malcom amsler, winterthur, switzerland


WESLEY LIMA, Küsnacht, Switzerland


JAN MADI NJOCK, Winterthur, Switzerland


FABIO NOVAIS , Porto, Portugal

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