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The Blessed Hoops Association


Dakar, Senegal – Petion-Ville, Haïti – London, United Kingdom –  New York, USA – Gland, Switzerland

We have setup many programs around the world to give the most opportunities to our youth, the next leaders of our world. 


We use education and basketball to develop the next generation of leaders.

The Blessed hoops programs are designed to inspire, empower and equip young people with the skills they need to succeed in life. Through this, we will re-define the student-athlete model and develop socially conscious leaders that will continue to better their communities.  

We currently serve 30 youth studends in Senegal, Haiti, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States after-school academic, athletic and leadership development programs. 

We also train youth basketball coaches across all 5 countries to 

– Increase year-to-year school retention rates
– Increase middle school and high school graduation rates
– Reduce the education gender gap
– Provide high-quality athletic programming


Our goal is to develop thoughtful leaders that will be the role models for the generation of youth to come after them, and Blessed hoops Gives provides our students with tangible leadership activities to hone those skills.  We achieve this by empowering our students to run community service events, and by leveraging our relationships with our partners to donate product to underserved schools and communities.

We teach young kids that education is the pathway to success

• Reinforce the importance of leadership and civic responsibility to youth
• Provide tangible leadership opportunities for our student-athletes Activities:
• Product donations (basketball gear, books or tech) to underserved communities• Student-led community service events (ex: recycling pick-up, basketball clinics, etc.)
• Court refurbishments at local schools and youth clubs


is to guide our student – athletes  and give them all the tools to one day have the possibility to graduate and obtain a degree, to do this we consider many athletic and academic factors as we prepare them for life as a student-athlete.

What financial aid can cover

– Tuition to attend a local private or public middle school or high school
– English language classes
– High performance basketball training
– Academic tutoring and grade monitoring
– College placement support (BAC, SAT/ACT, TOEFL)
– Study abroad opportunities in the U.S., Africa, Europe 

We desire to develop, design and build a modern basketball court, as the conditions currently are in a state that hinders the growth of local talent.  This is a major goal for us since we recognise that any improvement in the playing conditions will lead to higher level players.



Our first ever tournament in Dakar

We had our first ever basketball tournament in Liberté 6 in Dakar Senegal in October 2018. We invited talent scouts from the United States and France to watch 65 players from the city of Dakar. The event was a highlight of 2018 and was received very well by the city of Dakar. From this event 4 players were able to earn full scolarships to different schools and academies around the world.

About Us

The Social Impact 

Our experience has made us aware of some more subtle problems that are hindering the progress of these talented players.  We have found that athletically our student-athletes are able to compete with the top players in the world, in their respective age groups.  However, they are falling short academically, and we recognize the importance to help find solutions to this issue. By having the goal of our players earning athletic scholarships, we are directly aligned with the idea that school must be a priority for them to succeed in life as a player, and after their careers.  We increase their awareness of the international exams that will need to be taken and passed for them to reach their goals.  We also mentor our players by using basketball to teach fundamental life skills such as time management and punctuality, self discipline and communication skills.


Thank You To Our Partners

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