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At Blessed Hoops©, we help prepare our youth for those moments in their lives. We use basketball to engage young minds, as we know that the core principles of dedication, discipline and teamwork are skills that need to be transferred into life on the court. We provide a service for all levels, from beginners to advanced level players, with training in both individual skills and dynamic team environments. The basketball court is our classroom in which we develop our youth to become tomorrow’s leading pioneers. Learn More

Latest News

Jan Njock drops 16pts and 5r at DeAndre Ayton's Duel in the Desert

Velinor-Schumann to join Tennessee Prep

Starting point guard, Damarni Velinor-Schumann has elevated his game to new levels. The second year camper came back this year with something to prove and earned himself a spot at Tennessee Prep in Memphis.

Darmani will be joining his Blessed Hoops teammate Yassine Zlitni, the two have shown tremendous potential whilst playing together on the court.


Allman to join Palm Beach College

Matthew Allman joins Palm Beach State College for 2019-2020 Season


Reaching New Levels

First time ever a Swiss-UK squad played on the Dyckman Basketball floor in an evening game in front of 2,000 people.

Thank you to Dyckman Basketball for inviting us to play the defending champions. The experience was surreal. Much respect to Hami Diallo (OKC Thunders) and Montrezl Harrell (LA Clippers) for showing love to the program. And a big thank you to Sean Kelly Junior college head coach of Westchester CC Athletics for giving us a workout this morning.

Zlitni to join Tennessee Prep

Congratulations to Yassine Zlitni, 6.5 ft Forward from Zurich, Switzerland on joining one of the top basketball programs in the USA.

Yassine Zlitni is on his way to Tennessee Prep in Memphis Tennessee and will be under well respected coach Harold Rayford.He has received a lot of respect in playgrounds in New York City and caught a lot of attention from scouts and coaches during his 2 trips with us.


New Blessed Hoops Ambassador

Michael Kessens joins Blessed Hoops, says the program is excellent for bringing kids to the U.S. Read the exclusive interview.

NY vs. NY at Lincoln Park

The battle of the parks at Lincoln Park in Queens was a trip highlight as we were graced with the precence of the NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and other NBA stars such as Kyle O’Quinn, Shabazz Napier and Hami Diallo.@giannis_an34 



Hans Manku to join Tennessee Prep

(Camp 2018)

6.1 ft guard Hans Manku from London, United Kingdom got recruited by Tennessee Prep one of the best Prep schools in the country.

Njock to join Daishen Nix in Las Vegas

Patience pays off for 6.7 ft small forward Jan Madi Njock from Winterthur, Switzerland.
Jan will be sharing the backourt with 5 star recruit Daishen Nix at Trinity International in Las Vegas, Nevada on a full scolarship.

After surpassing many programs in the summer, Jan trusted Blessed Hoops and took a chance in our 10 day showcase in New York City and was able to display his talents with head coach Duke-Jermaine Forbes and camp organiser Jackie Knowles.
Scouts were impressed by his ability to run the floor, his athleticism and shot blocking.











Allman joins Virginia Junior College

(Camp 2018)

6.5 ft guard Matthew Allman @ma3five from London, United Kingdom earned a 2 year scolarship to Richard Bland Of William & Mary a Division 1 Junior College in Virginia. Matthew was in Prep school two years ago and had offers to go to college but had to return back home to London due to personal reasons. He decided to give it one last try and joined us for our 10 day showcase in NY city.


NYC Camp 2019 

Snapshots of our latest NYC 2019 camp.



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